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   Bulent Murtezaoglu <bm at acm.org> wrote:
>Soo, another lisper cannot resist the temptation.  
>>>>>> "GM" == Greg Menke <gregm-news at toadmail.com> writes:
>    GM> They're pretty convinced of that already- after all Dubya
>    GM> called this a crusade from day 1.  [...]
>In all fairness I think that was plain dumbness in use of langauge.
>He didn't mean a crusade in the historic sense.  Even if he thinks it,
>that was nothing more than an unfortunate choice of words.  I am 99%
>sure of this as I vividly remeber my jaw dropping when I saw him say
>it in the window to the left of the one I was reading this very
>newsgroup in.  The men in that family are not good public speakers 
>and they seem to have trouble expressing themselves to reporters.  
>I see no malice in that.

This style of language had more to do with born-again Christians
dropping into preacher-speak when talking to more than zero



Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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