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On Thu, 09 Sep 2004 08:17:52 -0400, Daniel Ellison <daniel at> wrote:
> [talking about the risks regarding Flash changes]
> A risk, yes, but not much of one.

I have to agree, and I admit that my problems with Flash come down to
two small issues:

-- It's too glitzy :-) Yes, it may be a problem for people used to
design apps the old way. It's funny to note that Windows apps are not
much different from old text apps, as far as the structure of the
dialogs and windows is concerned. Everything is a rectangle. Flash
frees you of this kind of limitation. This kind of freedom can be
frightening for old timers (such as me).

-- Philosophically thinking, it's not free so it should not be used.
This a Stalmanish position, but it does have some power in the context
of a decision to use only free tools.

BTW, if the Flash format is already open, and if Shockwave can't just
change it, why do they don't just dedicate it to the public domain as
proof of their good intentions? The fact is that there are a lot of
stuff that they want to keep for themselves -- the power to steer the
development of the Flash standard, and possibly a few patented
processes to generate or render some of its features.

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