Newby Project

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft anna at
Sun Sep 26 19:49:34 CEST 2004

dit wrote:
> I want to start something small, like a learning program. I've been 
> looking and learning python for about 4 months; and I think that I have 
> the basics under my belt... is it worth trying my own project, or is it 
> better to continue with the py tutes?

Yes. Start coding some of your own stuff. You'll find all new questions 
(and answers) when you do.

> Also if I was to start, how do I pose myself the question of what am I 
> actually trying to achieve / what am I trying to make?

Think about some project you'd really like to have automated. Then think 
about the following questions:

What would you get from it? What kind of output would you want? What 
kind of input (one time, maintenance, adding, deleting)would you want to 
do? Do you want gui or commandline? Would you want it to work 
crossplatform? Or just on one machine?

If you've got those answered (at least a start of the answer), then you 
can start working on the project itself...


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