using threads with for-loops

Mathias Waack M.Waack at
Wed Sep 29 15:33:38 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Mathias Waack wrote:
>> Depends. Which means: don't know. If I would start thinking about
>> creating threads to gain a speedup, I would even think about
>> switching to another programming language.
> I believe some work has been done in this area to make
> Python take advantage of multiple CPU systems, but
> I believe your approach (switch languages) is still one of
> the best options.  Another is to arrange your application
> to run as multiple processes, but this isn't quite as
> simple as just using multiple threads.

The java people have done a lot to speed up java threads. Without any
real success (just my opinion) - java programs are just slow. There
are classes of problems which can be easily solved using python, and
there are problems not very well suited for pythonic solutions.
Thats a fact and nobody should waste her time to force python into
the wrong direction. 
And I think its fair to let other languages live. We should be fair


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