Question: tools for business apps development

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Sep 8 22:00:24 EDT 2004

JanC wrote:
> Ksenia Marasanova schreef:
>>One of possibilities is to use Flash (in a browser) for GUI. I am 
>>thinking about using it for some project that also needs more 
>>interactivity: Flash for frontend, Python for backend (Web service 
>>using XMLRPC).
> You can do this with HTML+JavaScript too, no need for Flash...

Disadvantages of this approach include serious problems
with the cross-platform aspect, caused mainly by differences
in the JavaScript implementations on different browsers.

In addition, there is not yet a fully functional standard
way of communicating between JavaScript and the server on
the back end, short of doing page reloads.

Suffice to say that while HTML+JavaScript can do the job,
in principle, in practice it falls short and Flash is
potentially a much more effective solution, at least for
now and the near future.


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