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Reynir Stefánsson <reynirhs at mi.is> writes:
> Wasn't the idea behind ISO/OSI that there should be One Network for
> everybody, instead of today's lot of interconnected nets?

interconnection and interoperability happen at both a protocol level
and a operational level .... being able to have both independence
and interoperability offers huge amount of advantages.

i don't know what the original idea was .... however, my impression of
looking at what it became .... was that it sprang up from telco
point-to-point copper wire orientation. iso/osi even precludes LANs.

the work on high speed protocol ... which would go directly from
level4/transport layer to LAN/MAC interface ... was precluded in ISO
standards organizations because it didn't conform to OSI model for
two reasons

1) it skipped the OSI level4/level3 transport/network interface and
was therefor precluded in ISO standards bodies 

2) it went directly to the LAN/MAC interface .... LAN/MAC interface
is not allowed for in the OSI model ... so therefor intefacing to
LAN/MAC interface would be violation of OSI model

... the sort of third reason was that it would also incorporate
internetworking layer within its functionality .... also a violation
of the OSI model.

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