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>> Can you point to the international agreement which allows Canadian
>> citizens to be thrown into US jails for the stated offense?
>It's probably in the same international agreement that allows citizens of
>any country to be held incommunicado indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay.  And
>the same international agreement that allows Afgan and Iraqi POW's to be
>imprisoned with no Geneva convention protection 

They are being treated under the Conventions, even though not legally
entitled to such treatment. This was discussed in some depth quite a
while ago - if you're really interested, check google groups.

>and hidden from
>International Red Cross. 

Not very well, apparently. The Red Cross found them. So did a bunch of

You apparently haven't been keeping up. Those DNC talking points have
been obsolete for a while now.

> Do you really think the Bush administration cares
>about international agreements?


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