Shorter checksum than MD5

Mercuro this at is.invalid
Thu Sep 9 14:13:09 CEST 2004

Brian Gough wrote:

> Mercuro <this at is.invalid> writes:
>>I'm looking for something that is 5 bytes long, for the moment i'm
>>just taking a part of the hex md5 sum (like this: checksum =
>>md5sum[3:8]).  I don't have any duplicates, and I have over 100000
>>records, but i'm not sure for the future...  Can anybody give me
>>something better?  Or point me to some website?
> For making a smaller hash, I think your approach is a good one since
> you can easily increase the length if you need to.
> For comparing two databases, maybe there are other options not using a
> hash though (e.g.  keeping a log of which records have changed since
> the last comparison).


please read the reply under Paul Rubin for more 
information about the compare thingy. It's a bit 
to long to post twice.

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