detecting boxes in windows using python

bill ramsay bill.ramsay at
Thu Sep 2 04:57:47 CEST 2004

Dear all.

I am using an existing hodge-podge of an application that runs on top
of an Access database.  This application dials up customer equipment, 
handshakes then downloads/uploads various bits of information in the
access database.

The original application is designed for some poor sod to sit there
for hours and manually do the necessary.

I have automated various processes by 'back filling' the access
database,  thereby fooling the application into doing what I want.

The problem that I have is that if the application comes across a busy
signal, or if the call fails for what ever reason, it displays an
error dialog box on the pc.  If there are a lot of these,  it causes
the app to hang.

The underlying log files in the access database are still updated.

Is there a way in python to detect these dialog boxes,  then
effectively close them?  either by pressing the boxes own close
button, or the little cross thingy on the top right corner (i don't
know what it is called).

The OS is win2k, latest service pack.

Any help that any of you can offer will be most greatfully received.

Kind regards


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