Microthreads without Stackless?

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Mon Sep 20 18:08:05 CEST 2004

In article <5cq3d.17537$QJ3.13088 at newssvr21.news.prodigy.com>,
Bryan Olson  <fakeaddress at nowhere.org> wrote:
		[much else that 
		merits comment]
>Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac-OS had cooperative multi-tasking
>when they took over most of the world.  They certainly had
>problems, but that intra-process threading was cooperative was
>not high on the problem list.  (The way separate processes could
>effect each other, that was a problem.)
We *definitely* have a lot of concepts running around now.
Windows and MacOS certainly did "take over the world" when
their multi-tasking was primitively co-operative.  The
usability problems with that are an artifact of the *inter*-
process model.  I don't think anyone in this thread has
said ...--well, whatever "intra-process threading ... was
not high on the problem list" doesn't negate what *I* read
as others' points.

>From what I can tell, Windows *still* has problems with the
separate process affecting each other.  I think that, too,
is a different matter.

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