Python for Perl programmers?

Markus Dehmann at
Thu Sep 23 19:53:02 CEST 2004 at (Markus Dehmann) wrote in message news:<c1e48b51.0409201820.217e1dd at>...

> I am using perl for everything, even bigger programs, with objects,
> uh, modules and stuff. I know pretty much every trick in perl and have
> a lot of experience.
> But I'd like to try a cleaner language, where you don't have to type
> so much crap to create a class etc. So, I wanna give python a try.
> Is there a tutorial that takes all the standard perl things and then
> explains how to do them in python? That would be perfect. Open a file,
> take all the words, put them in a hash, do something with them, print
> the result in a formatted way, write it to a new file etc. Create a
> class that downloads newsgroups, etc. Things like that.

Thanks for all your suggestions!! I found exactly what I need.


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