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Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Mon Sep 27 18:43:31 CEST 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 15:28:43 +0100, Ben Last <ben at> wrote:
> I'm probably missing something here... but if you want a collection of
> anonymous attributes... why not just store them in a list?

Actually, I'm trying to convince Python to allow me to use a class
declaration for things that are normally done using data-driven code.
Instead of reading a XML description or a plain Python dict or list, I
would like to write a class declaration. The reason? added flexibility
and more readability. For now it's just an experiment, with promising
results so far.

BTW, I think that I should have waited more time before posting this
message to the list. The basic idea is good, but I still have to study
a lot of things to understand exactly what I want, what should be done
in practice, and what can be done given Python's capabilities and

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