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We're a little more concerned with making sure terrorists are all
killed or detained before they murder more innocents, than with making
sure their accommodations get a 5-star rating.  And -- although two
wrongs don't make a right -- doesn't the Geneva Convention also
prohibit targeting civilians?  The scum and villainy we're fighting
doesn't exactly come into equity with clean hands; you make it sound
Kafkaesque, as if they were randomly picked up off the street and
jailed.  These are people who would still be actively trying to kill
Americans if we let them out.  As for international agreements and
keeping to the Geneva Convention in general, let's just say it would
be a whole lot cheaper and easier not to use the precision "smart"
weapons that have spared so many Afghan and Iraqi civilian lives so

But I think we're getting a *little* OT here, unless this discussion
results in some pythonic irc-bots to argue by proxy.  :)  I'd be happy
to continue a debate off-list...

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:05:06 GMT, Coby Beck <cbeck at mercury.bc.ca> wrote:
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> > Can you point to the international agreement which allows Canadian
> > citizens to be thrown into US jails for the stated offense?
> It's probably in the same international agreement that allows citizens of
> any country to be held incommunicado indefinitely in Guantanamo Bay.  And
> the same international agreement that allows Afgan and Iraqi POW's to be
> imprisoned with no Geneva convention protection and hidden from
> International Red Cross.  Do you really think the Bush administration cares
> about international agreements?
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