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there is a W3 standard for expressing privacy policies called P3P. what my
application needs to do is to examine a privacy policy defined by a
service against user preferences for privacy expressed using APPEL.
so eg: my privacy policy could say what sort of data i collect, whats its
used for, how long its kept, whether identifying data is taken, who all
can access the data and so on.
the user can define his preferences as a set of rules. eg: rule 1 may say
dont allow any site that wants my name. rule2 may say block any sites that
take idenitfying data. rule3 may say allow all sites under the domain rule4 may say prompt me everytime a service wants data that is
kept for more than 3 days. and so on....

there are a number of p3p user agents that do this. explorer has one i
believe. ibm have something called privacy bird.

so thats what i need to do. i read the policy and preferences as DOM
hierarchies and then starting from rule1 in the preference, i examine it
against the policy.

i have already got it done in python (it was a matter of reimplementing the
evaluator written in Java by an organization called the Joint Research
Centre) and it works fine on a pc. the trouble is using it in a PDA.


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> [Ajay]
> > I am trying to write an application, say myapp, which does some xml
> > processing and then interacts with another application, say app2.
> > App2 is in Python and i can't change it.
> Show us a couple of simple examples of the type of XML processing you
> need to do.
> There may be simple ways to achieve your goals that don't actually
> require an XML parser at run time, or that would be efficient enough
> given a pure python parser/etc. It depends heavily on what type of XML
> processing you're doing.
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