Python for .NET

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Sep 28 14:44:28 CEST 2004

srijit at wrote:

> Hello,
> Ironpython is a good alternative. But it would be great if it is
> possible to access CLR from CPython.

Iron Python will be the way to go if you want CLR access and managed 
code. Particularly now its author works at Microsoft, there's hope that 
we will have a great .NET implementation that manages to be 
highly-compatible with CPython.

Remember that Python is an open source project. One of its goals is 
availability across a startlingly wide range of platforms. Hard-wiring 
the CLR into CPython would remove all pretence of portability, so it 
isn't going to happen, I suspect. Until Microsoft open up .NET and make 
it available on all Python-supported OSes.

Nah, it isn't going to happen!

> I am aware Python for .NET ( PythonNet-1.0-beta3.tgz). I have started
> using this tool now.
> But I see that development of this promising tool has ceased for all
> practical purposes.
> Is it because there is nothing much to do beyond what it is now?
Do you perhaps have a URL that relates to this project? I suspect it's 
an early experiment which (unlike Iron Python) concluded it wasn't 
practical to adapt dynamic languages like Python to the CLR. That has 
now been proved unduly pessimistic.


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