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they are on the same machine.
basically there is an application that does some user modelling and its in
Python. the application (bunch of .py scripts) have an interface that you
use to access user models.
the java app will simply do some xml stuff at the end of which it will
access the user model through the interface.
basically what i'd like to know is if i have
def foo(blah):
    return blah += 5

can i call foo from a Java class? more importantly what would i need to
install on the machine to be able to do that. the machine in question is a
PDA so there are some limitations on what can be installed and made to run
on it. Python runs and so does Java.


Quoting Alan Kennedy <alanmk at>:

> [Ajay ]
> > can you call a Python application from a Java program? does this
> require
> > any additional package to be installed?
> Define what you mean by "call a python application".
> Are the python code and java code in the same process?
> Are they on the same machine?
> Are they on different machines connected on a network?
> Etc, etc.
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