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> > Aside from being proprietary, how is WingIDE different from SPE 
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> I'm not a big IDE user, but I've seen WingIDE's debugger in the hand of
> an IDE-wizard, and it _is_ incredible.

It also has the attractive mechanism by which you can include
debugging support in any application and then debug it remotely in
whatever environment it is running - e.g., if you're stuck with code
that isn't TDD or testable outside of its operational environment,
just import the debugger stub, configure it to point back to your
development machine and leave the IDE in listen mode.  Once the code
hits that point (whether it's running deep inside a web server, or any
other application) you'll get control right at that point on your
development machine.  Darn nice.

WingIDE 2.0's (still in beta) new GUI is also much more attractive
looking (on Windows at least), and its approach to dynamic source
analysis (in lieu of call tips, although they still have completion)
is quite impressive.

-- David

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