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Sat Sep 4 03:12:49 CEST 2004

"Anne & Lynn Wheeler" <lynn at garlic.com> wrote in message 
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> at the time of the 1st disaster ... the claim was that the utah bid
> was the only solution that required manufactoring the boosters in
> sections for transportion and the subsequent re-assembly in florida
> with gaskets. the assertion was that none of the other solutions could
> have had a failure because of gaskets ... because they didn't have
> gaskets (having been manufactored as a single unit).
> so the failure cause scenario went (compared to solutions that didn't
> require gaskets and manufactoring in sections)
>   disaster because of inferior(?) gaskets
>   inferior(?) gaskets because of gaskets
>   gaskets because of transportion sectioning requirement
>   transportation sectioning requirement because the sections
>        were manufactored in utah

    True, but totally irrelevent. Had they gone with any other design, they 
could not have had a disaster due to any defect in the design they wouldn't 
have chosen.


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