Ajay abra9823 at
Tue Sep 28 14:52:23 CEST 2004


i have to write a ssl connection with server authentication for my
application. the client needs to be python, the server can be anything.
i had a look at the ssl support in socket, and it seems okay apart from the
fact that it wont be authenticating the server (verifying the certificate).

the client side needs to be on a pocket pc, and though i got OpenSSL
running on it, i cant build M2Crypto and PyOpenSSL on it.
I have tried using MCrypto and PyOpenSSL on the server side (which is just
a solaris machine) and again am having trouble with PyOpenSSL and
M2Crypto. since i have little time to dwell on this part, i am wondering
if having an ssl server in java with a client in Python (using ssl from
socket) be okay?

does anyone see any potential problems with that?
and would it be possible for me to hack around socket and add the
certificate verification bit myself? is that even allowed and is it



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