Lager'd Statistics on language migration

Paddy McCarthy paddy3118 at
Sun Sep 5 11:32:15 CEST 2004

Frustrated at being prevented from using Python at work I went 
gunning for Perl.

Time to roll out some useless Google statistics to make me feel 

Google Phrase				count
-------------				-----
"prefer perl to python"			26
"prefers perl to python"		 0
"python to perl migration"		 0
==					==
Perl over Python Total:			26

"prefer python to perl"			 51
"prefers python to perl"		154
"perl to python migration"		785
==					===
Python over Perl Total:			980

These statistics have meaning. (It took my mind off this can
of UK Amstel for a start).

OK, rant over .


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