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Sun Sep 5 00:30:23 CEST 2004

Hi all,

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Bengt Richter said unto the world upon 2004-09-04 15:31:


> This brings up the question of standard terminology (e.g. for
> namespace). If one googles for python glossary, the top references are
> mostly
> which seems not to have caught on so far (mea culpa too, since it takes
> volunteers ;-/ ).


> Re defintions, perhaps it is time to reinvigorate Skip's wiki or
> something like that?


> Regards,
 > Bengt Richter

I've been reading this newsgroup and the Tutor list for a while (I'm still 
a relative novice). It seems to me that a more lively glossary wiki might 
well help reduce the repetition of some responses on both lists. (Sure, 
not everyone will search before asking, but one can hope, right?) I can 
say that as a learner, I would very much value a more vigorously 
maintained glossary wiki.

On "the effort where my mouth is" principle I have gone and added several 
entries: duck typing, dynamically typed, statically typed, and type. But, 
as a newbie, I am not wholly confident that what I have said is entirely 

So please, if anyone has an interest in keeping a good glossary up to 
date, surf by and heal my errors 
or extend the glossary yourself.

Best to all and thanks,

Brian vdB

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