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On 16 Sep 2004 08:54:16 -0700, john <mailtome200420032002 at> wrote:
> Hi
> I am developing a timesheet system.
> It will have 3 levels of access
> 1)Administrator
> 2)Approver -- Will approve or reject the timesheet filled by employees
> 3)Employees -- Fill in the timesheet which will ontain info like start
> time & end for task & task description.
> There will be different projects with different employees & approvers
> Also I need to genrate reports like timesheet for an employee for this
> particular week or month.Or timesheet of a project etc..
> Is zope suitable for such kind of application?
> I read the zope book & now I am more confused.
> What is the best way to develop such kinda application in zope?

I'm a little bit late on this thread. Zope is a hell of a product --
with all possible meanings of "hell" you can imagine :-) I found the
Zope documentation to be a bit intimidating, but it's not a fault of
the developers -- it's because it's really hard to explain Zope's
unique framework to new users. It's different from conventional
programming. To use Zope well, one has to dive deeply and use it all.
It's not a tool that you can just take a look and use a piece or
other. It's a full fledged framework that can solve lots of problems,
but it comes with a price.

Said that, you'd be well served using Zope. But perhaps you want to
use a simple framework; or instead, you may want to work at a lower
level and have more control about how do your application behave. If
that's your situation, you have a lot of good frameworks to choose
from. I'd name three that I've evaluated: WebWare, Quixote, and
CherryPy. Of all three, CherryPy became my favorite, and the upcoming
version 2 is even better. Take a look at their website, the
documentation and the examples is really good:

For me the biggest selling point of CherryPy is that it includes a
good HTTP server implementation. It's the perfect match for testing,
or for easy deployment on Intranets, because the server runs almost
anywhere with no need for fine tuning -- unless you're talking about
Slashdot-class sites, of course. Take a look at it, and check the news
on the CherryPy2 -- the design is simply excellent.

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