So I guess PyUI is long abandonded? What else is there?

Martin Maney maney at
Sat Sep 18 20:16:07 CEST 2004

In my copious spare time [that's a joke, I say, that's a joke] I've
been dabbling at getting a computerized version of a board game
working.  After deciding that tk just made me want to vomit, and wx was
like swimming through concrete slurry, and others I have mercifully
forgotten about, I stumbled across pygame.  (maybe not for the first
time; I think I set it aside earlier because it was described as being
aimed at a different sort of game, and besides, I had hoped wx might
serve more than one purpose for me.)  This summer I picked the project
up again, and with PyGame pretty nearly all the things that had me
tearing my hair out with wx instead just work.  Well, okay, I did need
some help finding the less visible parts of the docs, but that took all
of five minutes on IRC to get straightened away.

So the biggest part of the GUI is mostly done: the board and such
display, scroll, etc.  Next up are the mostly non-graphic bits, the
text and numbers section of the display.  I guess this part would have
been more or less easy in wx, but PyGame offers only very low-level
primitives.  PyUI was the most promising package I found, but it seems
to be long dead, judging by the lack of life in its mailing list,
untouched bug list, and general brokenness.  The fact that the last
several releases are all zip archives with names that include "win32"
reinforces my feeling that this is not going to get me anywhere useful
for a project that has to work on both MS and X11 platforms.  :-(

So I'm just trolling, my hook baited in accordance with Aahz's
instructions, in hopes that PyUI still lives in a form that would be
useful, and that someone will rise to the bait and explain to me the
error of my ways (and more usefully, where the useful versions are to
be found).  Alternately, any leads on a nice, simple widget set for a
PyGame environment would be equally appreciated.


[I don't normally like to get emailed and posted replies, but since I
only intermittently have time to sift through this very active group,
in this case I would appreciate the favor, if it's convenient.]

If there were a verb meaning "to believe falsely", it would not have
any significant first person, present indicative.  -- Wittgenstein

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