Automated Perl to Python translation?

John J. Lee jjl at
Wed Sep 8 01:54:50 CEST 2004

> Stephen Ferg wrote:
> Does anybody know of any tools to automate (or assist) Perl to Python
> translation?

Perl has a notoriously hairy lexical structure.  Maybe the parsing
isn't much fun either.  The "only perl can parse Perl" quote (Larry
Wall?) springs to mind.  Given that, and working on the assumption
you're sufficiently insane to go through with this project <wink>, I
guess you'd definitely want to do precisely that: use perl to parse
the Perl code.

Bon chance.

Maurice LING <mauriceling at> writes:
> If this can be worked out, Perl/Python/Java combination is too
> powerful to imagine......

:-( I don't think that's a reason for wanting a translator.  If you
just want to call Python from Perl, or call Perl from Python, I guess
you'd use pyperl (though I don't know if it's actively maintained).


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