making windows apps

Josh Close narshe at
Fri Sep 10 19:55:03 CEST 2004

Yes, you can download a windows installer for python and just double
click to install it :P

If you want to get your python code to run on a computer without the
interpreter, you can make an .exe file from your code. There are
several ways to do this, but I can't really direct you there since I
haven't done it myself yet.


On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 07:52:55 -0700, Zach Shutters <zshutters at> wrote:
>     I am new to python and working my way through the van Rossum tutorial. I
> am cursios though about if you can program windows with python? I know I
> shouldn't worry about this right now but I am curious. If so, is there any
> recommended tutorials on this. I know I can search google but i figured I
> would see what some people who know the language well would recommend.
>     One last thing, in order for a program I write in python to run on
> someones computer, they have to have the python interpreter installed? And
> if so, wouldn't most people not have it installed since they wouldn't be
> programming in it. I know this is probably an uber nube question, but that's
> what I am right now. Hopefully no one will get pissed off and give some
> smart ass comment about how stupid my question is (sorry but most of the
> time thats what I get when I post in a newsgroup lol)
> -Zach
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