Python as alternative to Visual Basic

Chris Cioffi evenprimes at
Mon Sep 20 19:44:43 CEST 2004

Take a look at wxPython <> for a start.  It
seems to be the best of the FOSS GUI toolkits available for Python. 
I've also heard very good things about pyQT, but I haven't had the
chance to play with it.

For the interacting with Excel and Access check out "Python
Programming on Win32". <>
It's a well written book and it will get you and and running in no

I've done some, not a lot of, VB programming and I think that Python
is far simpler to use since it's so clean.  It goes back to the "fight
the problem, not the language".

Hope this helps...


On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 09:47:04 -0700, Aaron Ginn <aaron.ginn at> wrote:
> I'm investigating the feasibility of using Python instead of Visual
> Basic for a commercial software package that I'm planning on developing.
>  Now I'm absolutely a Python zealot.  I use it for most of my software
> development at work where I work in a Solaris environment.  To me,
> Python is the perfect language for most applications in a UNIX
> environment where a compiled language is not required.  However, I'm not
> so sure about Windows.
> The software package I'm developing will make calls to Excel and Access
> and requires a very usable GUI for users who are not particularly
> computer literate.  My first question is: what is the best choice for a
> GUI toolkit on Windows?  I've used Tkinter for UNIX to some degree of
> success, but I'm not sure this is the best choice for Windows.  Second,
> if I choose to make the application cross-platform (Windows and Mac OS X
> in particular), what would be the best choice for a cross-platform GUI
> toolkit?  I was thinking of looking at PyQt.  Is there a better option?
> Basically, I'm trying to make a case for Python to the other developers
> of this software package as I believe it offers numerous advantages over
> VB in terms of speed of development, a quick learning curve, and
> maintainability.  Can anyone help me make that case?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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