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>Chuck Dillon <spam at nimblegen.com> writes:
>> Coby Beck wrote:
>> >>
>> >>And, of course, entertaining the possibility that his agenda is just
>> >>what he says it is, is completely out of the question.
>> > Not out of the question, be obviously untrue.
>> Again, I'll point out that it is naive to put this entirely on the
>> administration.  We're in Iraq because we effectively declared
>> war. The dance with the U.N. went on for some 3 months.  It was clear
>> where we were headed.  Our congress, including Kerry and all of the
>                                                           ^^^
>Not all.  I'm happy to say my representative and one of my senators
>voted against the resolution authorizing the war.
>Congress doesn't have its own intelligence service.  If the
>administration claims to have clear evidence that a country has WMD
>there's only so much that a minority party in congress can do to find
>out if the administration is lying or engaged in wishful thinking.


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