random.choice returns the same value

Brian ThisIsNotMyReal at ddress.com
Sat Sep 25 16:57:13 CEST 2004

Feel free to point and laugh.  I guess it was getting a little too late.

I was doing something like this where ComedyList and SciFiList are 
populated lists:

filelist = []

if var = "SciFi":
    	filelist = SciFiList
elif var = "Comedy":
    	filelist = ComedyList

I forgot to add the [:] at the end.  I am the win.

Erik Max Francis <max at alcyone.com> wrote in news:41550C26.18218493

> Brian wrote:
>> Any reason why random.choice would return the first value in a list
>> everytime?
> Because the list only has one element, or all the elements have the same
> value?

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