Ranting about the state of Python IDEs for Windows

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 14:08:18 CEST 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 10:25:08 +0200, Kjetil Torgrim Homme
<kjetilho at yksi.ifi.uio.no> wrote:
> [Carlos Ribeiro]:
> >
> >   I've once installed a freeware app that supported virtual desktops
> >   in Windows. It's useful, but it misses one feature of my wish
> >   list: persistence, or the ability to restart working exactly when
> >   I left things some time later.
> this might be nice, but is it really worthwhile?  I only restart my
> session a couple a times per year, and I'm not sure it is a good idea
> to recreate the clutter of windows when I log back in.  sometimes
> going back to a clean slate is healthy.  most of the applications I
> use _do_ have session support, but I haven't enabled it.
> --
> Kjetil T. (speaking from a Unix viewpoint)

Well, that's a valid point. If you're using Unix/Linux, then it's
possible as the system is stable enough to make it work. Under
Windows... not a chance :-)

Anyway, there's a good reason to have some kind of session persistence
mechanism, but with a twist -- the ability to name sessions and to be
able to stop/resume at will between them. If you work on several
projects, you can have sessions for each project. For example: I'm
currently developing two different systems. Each one could have its
own session. I could stop working on one system, and restart with the
other, and all context would be saved. Good IDEs do exactly this, but
are limited to its own internal environment. Generalizing even more,
I'm now preparing some presentations. For each one I need an editor, a
drawing program, and a browser with lots of webpages opened (Firefox,
thank you!). It would be nice to be able to restart working on a
presentation with all context preserved -- the pages that I was
reading, etc. It would make my work more productive, as I would not
need to deal with it manually everytime I want to resume to some
previous (unfinished) work..

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