Access to MS SQL from Linux?

Joe Wong joewong at
Thu Sep 23 11:08:37 CEST 2004

Hi Tim,

 Thanks for your quick reply. I happen to find another tool from

It uses also FreeTDS. Just give it a try and it works ok for me this time.


- Joe

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> [Joe Wong]
> |  Thanks for the pointer, I just tried freetds with sybase
> | python, I can use
> | tsql to connect to MS SQL but the python library failed
> |
> | Sybase.DatabaseError: Msg 2, Level 5701, Line 1851877443
> |
> | I am using MSSQL 2000 server, is this a problem?
> Unfortunately, I have no access to a Linux box at the mo,
> let alone the one I tested that setup on a while ago. However,
> just as reassurance, I connected with the Sybase and MSSQL
> modules to a 2000-database without any problems. It was by
> way of a proof-of-concept which never grew into anything else.
> I assume you followed all the build instructions (things
> and so on)? Probably worth checking just to make sure, although I've
> no idea what the effect would be if you hadn't.
> If you get nowhere by investigation, either try the ODBC route to
> see if that works for you and/or talk to the guys at Object Craft
> to see if they can help. (Don't know if they actively monitor this
> list or not).
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