python is going to die! =(

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>   Sorry but there is no another way, c# .net and mono are going to rip
> python, not because python is a bad lenguage, but because is to darn old
> and it refuses to innovate things, to fix wrong things, just because
> retarded backwards compatibility and because the python comunity and
> developers refuses to consider tools as being almost as important as the
> language itself.
> What does c# .net has that python doesnt ? (significant features)
> -- tools,tools,tools : have people that likes python ever used an ide? i
> mean a good ide, the one that saves you a lot of time, and makes you
> productive.
>  looks like they havent, they think new people is willing to practice
> for 6 months before even thinking about being productive, not to mention
> you have to learn 20 years old list, and low level c stuff to have fully
> advantage. Those guys are realy happy with their stuff that totaly,
> completly refuses to try a new tool, a new tool that 'is' better, like
> an ide??.
>  Then we have the , you just need a text editor. This is realy amazing,
> tecnology improves, people have to change their way of thinking, i realy
> cant count the number of text editors avaiable for python, with basicaly
> just syntax highlighting.For example, idle :
>  idle is just a text editor with syntax color,nothing else, then you see
> that half of buttons are so fucking retarded things that you never
> need,indentation stuff, replace tabs and all crap that you never realy
> need, the class browser and path browser were in the right way, before
> got abandoned with just the most basic low functionality.
>  No help in real programing? why? why do i need to press a retarded button
> to indent-deindent reindent stuff but i dont need help with integrated
> system , code completion , source assistant , a freaking decent calltips
> support, etc ? It realy makes no sense , no sense at all.
>  Why do these people keep reinventing text editors again and again and
> to just add some retarded functionality that noone ever needs? pycrust ,
> drpython, leo , idle , eclipse plugins(py editors with color) they all
> to reinvent the wheel instead of trying to work together on some common
> project to do something usefull, boy if i want a text editor with syntax
> color i just use vim,or kate or something.
> For the C # Side there IS :
>  sharp develop, wich is going to be ported to linux and mac, and it is
> better than vstudio! is open source .
>  monodevelop , which is a little inestable but very very usable , and has
> real features!! proyect browsing , full calltips ,code completion,source
> help, doc help system , you know , productivity features.
>  -- C # is almost perfetly designed, python is very well designed but it
> some crap that obscurize it and is not going to be removed because of the
> damn backwards compatibility thing, C # has all the advantages there is
> new ,it has learned from other languages mistakes. Python must break
> backward compatibility to be at the same level of play.
> At least python has just a few problems in this area compared to
> is 50% crap , just to hold backwards compatibility.
>  -- C # is easy to use,fast apps coding (as python) but!! it has all the
> advantages of a compiled language , like less bugs concerning silly types
> mistakes , ides and tools can take much much more advantage of static
> typing , it is much much much faster , and finally is much more readable
> than python since i dont have to be guessing in the woods to know what
> of value a function return , or what types are the functions argument or
> WTF does 'return MOM' means?
> -- C # is killing python, first the gnome guys dont know what to choose
> their core system development , if mono-C # ? or java ? the only reason C
> hasnt being choosen is because of legal issues, and java? well it realy
> sucks so no surprise , but is considered just because eclipse wich is the
> most kick ass ide ever. AND they dont even consider python for a high
> language to choose!!
>   Look at source-forge,(around) python : 3000 proyects , C # 1500 proyects
> and C# is much younger than python, not to mention mono is new!! 2 times
> more C # proyects are started than python proyects by month, so very soon
> C# is going to completly replace python in their areas. Not to mention
> C# proyects are generaly bigger, compared to small command line tools,
> python proyects.
>  I think is a fact, reality , there is just no way python is going to
> survive, i would be happy if someone knows or see something i dont ,
> because i realy like python, but : C # which has all the m$ licenses and
> crap involved is so superior to python in so many ways, its not even
> funny,and C# has serius tools, ides ,etc. Look at
> nhibernate,nunit,njasper,the super sharp-develop ,monodevelop,etc. BTW
> wingware has a very nice ide, but close sourced and at a price of 200$ for
> os is ridiculous,and their personal edition is pure crap, no
> code-assistant ? lol. Is there a posibility python survives 2 years more
> least?
> Btw , nice quotes on python site : "Python has been an important part of
> Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and
> Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we're looking for more
> people with skills in this language." said Peter Norvig, director of
> quality at Google, Inc.
> But the google code jam, the one google searchs for new hackers to join
> their lines is only for c# , java , c++ , nice irony , lie,lie.

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