So I guess PyUI is long abandonded? What else is there?

Christophe Cavalaria chris.cavalaria at
Sun Sep 19 01:16:32 CEST 2004

Martin Maney wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 18, 2004 at 06:01:13PM -0300, Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
>> I've checked PyUI right now, and it seems that there is a release
>> numbered "1.0" - which is a sign that it must have reached a somewhat
>> stable stage. The win32 ZIP file that I've downloaded does not
>> contain any windows specific dll, pyd or exe file, but only pure
>> Python code.
> Yes, as an already-installed tree with the files compiled - well, that
> explains the 1.0.Py2-2 versioning in the name.
> Anyway, I've found the problem buried in a feature request at the
> project's sourceforge site.  In his own words:
>   The OpenGL renderer on 0.95 depends on WGL which is available only on
>   Windows implementations. Support for other platforms such as Mac and
>   Linux would be nice.
> Since the project description claims it, yeah, that sure would be nice.
> This perfectly explains the errors I've been seeing.  Thanks, Carlos,
> you stirred me to dig deeper and put the nail in it - it's another case
> of "Microsoft compatibility" leading another poor fool astray.
> This truly does help.  Now I can stop wondering whether it was
> something I was doing wrong and walk away from this waste of time.
> Would some god-like person with access please make a note of this on
> the uneditable PyUi page on the wiki?  Then there'd be at least a
> chance others could avoid wasting their time.
> Thanks!

Well, I think that it's simply due to the fact that the docs for pyui are
out of date. It's true that the gl rendere needs WGL, but the p3d renderer
only needs SDL and pygame to work. Too bad that they don't mention it,
isn't it ?

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