ConfigParser Alternative (a request to help you)

Dan Gass dan.gass at
Mon Sep 13 08:12:37 CEST 2004

I've written a Python module (available at see "Home Page" for
documentation, "Files" for download) that provides easy access to
configuration file settings for control of script execution. The
method is extremely flexible and powerful because of the use of python
to define settings and its optional heirarchical settings
organization.  I would like to improve the documentation (and possibly
the API) so that it is more useful to others.

I am willing to help those that have difficult configuration issues to
apply this module to solve your problem.  Without experience using
this module, it may not be obvious from the current documentation how
to take advantage of it.  I want to rewrite the documentation after I
gain more perspectives and include in it a collection of recipes that
resulted from this request.

For quicker responses, please copy my personal email account when
mailing to this news group (dan.gass at

Dan Gass

You may never find a free lunch, but at least you can get free help!

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