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Sun Sep 12 15:32:50 CEST 2004

In article <87zn3v7ekc.fsf at p4.internal>,
   Bulent Murtezaoglu <bm at acm.org> wrote:
>>>>>> "jmf" == jmfbahciv  <jmfbahciv at aol.com> writes:
>    jmf>    Grant Edwards <grante at visi.com> wrote:
>    >> ...  Bush thinks he's entitled
>    >> to declare anybody and everybody an "enemy combatant" and lock
>    >> them up in secret forever.
>    jmf> Would rather he do like Italy?  They are letting them go.
>    jmf> Then these released people go blow up something else. [...]
>Why are those the only two choices?  Do you think people turn into 
>bomb-wielding terrorists by feat of mere suspicion?

Oh, sigh!  [emoticon begins to hit head against wall because
it feels better]

>I don't think the US abuses the 'enemy combatant' device as much as we
>fear, yet. 

Hint..the US isn't abusing enemy combatants.

> ...  But if the people in the US are convinced that the choice is
>between getting blown up and secret detentions w/o judicial oversight
>then it will get far worse than we fear. 

>I am beginning to think the US gov't and populace alike might be
>believing the "they hate us for our freedoms" line and trying to get rid 
>of the said freedoms in the hope that it will appease the terrorists.

Now there you actually made a point, but not the one you think you
>Look, what is to prevent your government from putting cuffs on me and 
>shipping me off to a dungeon the next time I am in the US because of 
>the sentence above? 

Too many people coming in.  As long as you don't stand up and
shout bomb or make a fool of yourself going through customs
and fill out the paperwork without trying to be a smartass,
I don't see people who are already overworked and stretched
thin bothering with you.

> .. Would I see a judge?  Lawyer?

I don't know.  I had understood that, if you didn't get
through customs, you were put back on a plane out of the 

> ...  Would anybody even 

Yes.  Lots of people.

> ..Are you guys truly scared enough to sanction this kind of behaviour 
>from your gov't?  

If you are a terrorist with the intent to wreak death and
destruction in this country, I sure as hell hope somebody
doesn't let you in.  


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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