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John Thingstad" <john.thingstad at chello.no> writes:
> Norton Trikol alto buildt the Titan solid rocket booster along
> simular lines. I has a resonably good record.
> A extra gasket was added since it was supposed to be used
> for human flight. Fron a engeneering stanpoint I can't see how you
> are supposed to mold solid rocket fuel fot the booster in one piece.
> But then I am not a rocket scientist.
> Anyhow space flight is a riscy endevor. If it wasn't the booster then it
> would have been something else. One in every 50 or so launces will fail.
> Saying it was as good as murder is prepostrious.
> The peaple who launced knew the riscs. Sitting attom of 10000 liters of
> fuel undergoing a controlled explosion will probaly never be entirely safe.

the two spoof stories in the aftermath

1) one about sectioning the boats for columbus because they had to be
built in the mountains where the trees grew and then used tar to stick
the sections together for the trip across the atlantic. lots of ships
were lost at sea for all sorts of reasons ... but hopefully none
because the ship was built in sections and tar was used to stick them

2) way back when, because a wagon slipped off the trail and down the
side of the mountain and people died ... congress decreed that there
would be no more travel across the appalachian trail ... hardly
consistent with the tens of thousands of traffic deaths each year.

... however, i think your reply is intended possibly for somebody
else's post ... not mine.

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