ImageWin Dib draw usage?

D. Rush dlrush-nospam at
Thu Sep 30 01:22:45 CEST 2004

You can find some example of ImageWin usage gere:*&_%3Ali=*

And of course the source - if that's helpful:

"Ilariu Raducan" <lale at> wrote in message
news:eDjKa.19934$pK2.29161 at
> Hi All,
> Does anybody has experience working with ImageWin.Dib.draw?
> I tried to use it to draw in a window in the rectangle return from
> GetClipBox().
> I use the same rectangle for source and destination and the result is a
> bit strange: a different region from the one expected is displayed.
> I have looked at the PIL source code. The windows API function used
> there in StretchBlt. Should that be StretchDIBits?
> Regards,
> Lale

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