very odd, random window dumps

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at
Thu Sep 9 02:03:49 CEST 2004

Peter Kleiweg wrote:

> Running small Python scripts, now and again a window dump is
> created, and saved as the module name without the extension.
> This happens on Linux. The dumped file is a PostScript file with
> the image of one Window that was active at the moment
> (completely unrelated to the Python application), and has a
> header comment that says it was created by ImageMagick. Magic,
> indeed. The file has the somewhat unusual access bits
> -rwxr--r--, but normal user and group.

This is probably the result of accidentally typing "import somemodule" on
the Linux command line before invoking the python interpreter. "import" is
an ImageMagick command that takes a window capture.


$ import myprog
<click the window>
$ python
>>> import myprog


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