Calculating days using Business Days for the Calendar

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Tue Sep 21 00:44:48 CEST 2004

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>I''m wondering if the Calendar object has an option to only do 
>calculations based on business days (ie M-F).

Hmmm. Identification of 'business days' with {M-F} is rather 
Western/Christian subculturally specific.  Any official part of the Python 
library should allow input of the day range desired.

I recognized that the Roman-based calendar also has competitors, but it has 
been internationalized so that it is everywhere either officially used or 
officially convertable to alternatives and is globally used by many 
international groupings, including the Internet.

>  Additionally does it have a way to get holidays into itself?

And how would you propose to define 'holiday'?  The US Federal government, 
the Delaware State government, and (I believe) the University of Delaware 
have three slightly different lists, as do other organizations that operate 
in this small area of the globe.  So this would also have to be user-input. 
One might even need multiple lists.

Third party modules can do whatever they want (preferably documented).

Terry J. Reedy

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