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In comp.lang.lisp Pascal Bourguignon <spam at mouse-potato.com> wrote:
> "John Thingstad" <john.thingstad at chello.no> writes:
>> Note the Mac OS 10 / Darwin uses a unix kernel because of all the
>> problems  with interoperabillity OS 9 had with talking to Windows and
>> Unix boxes.
> No that's not the reason. The reason is ONLY because of the lack of
> virtual memory management (with separation of addressing spaces for
> processes) in MacOS.

It was my impression that the Motorola 68000 CPU, upon which the
original Macintosh was based, did not support memory management in
hardware.  At least, that's usually given as the reason that portable
Unix systems such as NetBSD will "never" run on the earlier 68k (or,
for that matter, 8086 or 80286) chips.

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