annoying behavior

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Wed Sep 29 21:37:28 CEST 2004

elbertlev at (Elbert Lev) wrote:

> Making interpreter 100% "bullet prove" is impossible, finding errors,
> which can be found, not only possible, but also very commendable.
> Isn't this obvious? 

Not yet, but once you submit a patch for the compiler which will do
what you want (without slowing down imports tremendously for everybody
else), I'm sure it will be such a thing of beauty that it will, in
retrospect, be obvious, and you will be hailed by one and all as the
man who finally added true error detection to Python.

> Let's stop wasting time on this discussion and continue discussing
> decorators :)

I agree that this discussion is wasted on a man of your capabilities,
but so is the discussion about decorators.  I'd rather see that patch.


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