f2py error - windows xp (F2PY-2.43.239_1806)

Berthold Höllmann bhoel at web.de
Sun Sep 26 19:59:13 CEST 2004

"M. Faust" <marfadeut at gmx.de> writes:

> M. Faust wrote:
>> I got the same error with NumPy 23.3.
>> Markus

Try to find your "Numeric/arrayobject.h". Mine has

typedef struct {
  char *data;
  int nd;
  int *dimensions, *strides;
  PyObject *base;
  PyArray_Descr *descr;
  int flags;
  PyObject *weakreflist;
} PyArrayObject;

and is from Numeric 23.3. In one of my installations updating to
Numeric to 23.3 solved a similar error.


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