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>> TCP/IP was launched in 1982, and the Internet (or the Arpanet, rather)
>> converted Jan 1st 1983; with final NCP service turned off everywhere
>> by mid march 1983.
>> Tops20 has an IP package; but it was pretty rudimentary in version 4,
>> and not quite complete even by those standards even in version 7.
>> .. mrr
>Internet was discovered long before this.

WTF do you mean "discovered".   There was a hell of alot of
work done to make the damned thing work, let along wire
things together.

>(In 1965 a research project, by the Rand cooperation, for a network that
>could survive a nuclear attack. Sponsored by DARPA.
>These is the real creators of the Internet technology. Not Unix hackers.)

You need to learn that there is a big difference between a research
project and selling the product for the sole purpose of making
a profit.

>It was the realization of www (CERN) that spawned 
>the movement toward the  >Internet.
>So the year in question is about 1987.

How strange that is.  JMF worked on a project a ORNL to make
all kinds of computers talk to each other.  The year was 1970.
My first meeting with a PDP-10 involved calling up the comuputer
and, when it answered, hurriedly shoving the phone into the
acoustic coupler before the computer hung up.  That year was

The internet was around for me in the 60s.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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