wxPython Not Ready for Commercial Use

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 23:33:29 CEST 2004

Polerio Babao Jr.II <admin at polerio.com> wrote:
> difficult way. I am just dissapointed, now I am trying to learn c++/qt
> to solve my gui and printing problem. Please correct me if I am wrong.

What's C++ gotta do with it?  If you want to use Qt (and are willing to
pay the fees for it, or else only release under GPL and not for
Windows), fine, it's actually what I prefer myself.  But you can use
either C++ or Python indifferently with either framework,
wxWidgets/wxPython or Qt/PyQt.  So you definitely _are_ wrong in
implying that language choice and choice of frameworks have anything
much to do with each other in this context.

If wxPython has problems they lie elsewhere... I was just trying to
install bittorrent on a Linux box tonight, and bittorrent requires
wxPython, so I _did_ just go through the very messy and lengthy build
process (./configure-make-sudo make install only does the wxWidgets
part, then you have to edit config.py before you run python setup.py to
build -- and the docs explaining this are quite lengthy)... only to find
in the end that bittorrent just doesn't like the current release of
wxPython, crashing loudly pretty soon.  I guess incompatible changes
have been made, or programming errors, or something.  Guess I should try
again with another, older, stable release of wxPython, but it's a bit
late to restart tonight.

However, Qt (for all that I _do_ like it) has just the same kind of
problem... you upgrade the library, your apps start breaking right and
left and center.  Apparently, achieving stability and good backwards
compatibility in such huge frameworks is NOT a trivial problem,
particularly because users and would-be users are always clamoring for
more and more feechurs (and your peculiar whine which seems to equate
"lacks builtin ability to emulate Excel custom printing" to "is not
ready for commercial use" offers an entertaining example thereof).


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