python is going to die! =(

Maurice LING mauriceling at
Mon Sep 20 02:15:12 CEST 2004

I beg to differ...

>  If you consider a language used by 5 crazy guys not being dead then
> fine.

There are people still using dBASE III and dBASE IV. At least, Rip Curl 
(surf ans sports apparels) are using it big time. People thought that 
dBASE is dead, way dead, and nobody uses or learns it anymore. Yes, the 
market for dBASE IV is really tiny, but there are even small numbers of 
programmers to support and to maintain legacy systems. You don't just 
snap the fingers and world-wide systems change. In the end, these small 
groups of people working on dBASE IV are earning big bucks.

I won't be surprised to find QBASIC still in use somewhere.

Sad to say, spagetti codes written in COBOL still needs to be maintained...

And maybe you can see languages as just interchangeable tools when you
> just develop some custom system scripts, but when 90% of the developers
> need to consider how many developers you will find to start a proyect, or
> how the tools that increase your productivity are ,things looks diferent. 
True to say that IDE helps many programmers, especially beginners. But 
do note that Java certification exams tests emphasizes on the SDK 
itself. Make, GNU Make, Ant etc etc is still the norm today and I don't 
see a movement of IDE-sizing them.

> It is exactly as you said, options are good , and there are no options for a
> real python ide other than the wingide guys sells their ide for a
> ridiculously 200$ because they have no competition or because no one realy
> cares about a real python ide.

I am using Eclipse with pydev support and Jython support. It works fine, 
although I am hoping to see improved versions of it.

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