Python binaries for Solaris, HP-UX

Paul Moore pf_moore at
Sat Sep 18 11:34:09 CEST 2004

I'm looking for binaries of Python (2.3.4, preferably) which run on
Solaris and HP-UX. I need to be able to install them as a non-root
user (hence, to a private directory, something like ~/bin).

Do such things exist, and if so where would I find them? I'm not a
Unix admin, so if the answer is a pointer to a well-known archive
site, I'd appreciate that. There was nothing I could find at

Sadly, I'm not sure that any of the systems I work on have
development tools installed, so building from source isn't an option.
(Well, it is if I can find a user-installable version of gcc, a
development environment, etc...)

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it. -- Franklin P. Jones

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