Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Thu Sep 2 00:44:58 CEST 2004

Tim Daneliuk wrote:

>                  TundraWare Inc. Press Announcement
>                       For Immediate Release
>                       ---------------------
> Announcing:  Yet Another Python Derived Language (YAPDL)
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Since it has been almost a whole week since someone has proposed
> another "Python Like" language, TundraWare Inc. is pleased to do
> its part in announcing its very serious intention to consider the
> possibility of perhaps, maybe, someday, creating and releasing
> "Yet Another Python Derived Language" (YAPDL).
> Major YAPDL Benefits Include:

You forgot to mention:
 - overcoming Python's HUGE, nearly insurmountable performance 
difficulties by optimizing it to the point that anything smaller than a 
3.0GHZ processor will burst into flames upon attempting to execute it.  
We estimate that 99% of our time will be devoted to optimizing while 1% 
will be dedicated to implementing YAPDL.  It may not work well, but at 
least it'll be fast!

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