Math errors in python

Chris S. chrisks at
Mon Sep 20 00:24:03 CEST 2004

Alex Martelli wrote:
> If he's not a troll, he _should_ be -- it's just too sad to consider the
> possibility that somebody is really that ignorant and arrogant at the
> same time (although, tragically, human nature is such as to make that
> entirely possible).  Nevertheless, newsgroups and mailing lists have an
> interesting characteristic: no "thoughtful answer" need ever be truly
> wasted, even if the person you're answering is not just a troll, but a
> robotized one, _because there are other readers_ which may find
> interest, amusement, or both, in that answer.  On a newsgroup, or
> very-large-audience mailing list, one doesn't really write just for the
> person you're nominally answering, but for the public at large.

Exactly. One could wonder if more timid accusations would have 
engendered such insightful and accurate responses. However, I do 
apologize if I appeared trollish. Thank you for your contributions.

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