How to send SIGTSTP, SIGCONt signals to a script scheduled using cron

Manish Kumar Arya manish_ipx at
Thu Sep 23 11:29:19 CEST 2004


the step i told u earlier will definatly work

pid=`ps ax | grep urcommand | cut -b 2-6 | grep -v

u have to include more with tty like pty etc

if any script is scheduled using cron, the script
names does appears in ps ax output, and u can gets pid
on this basis.

once u got pid u can easily send sigals to it.

please let me know if u have ne further query


--- Saurabh Agarwal <saurabhagarwal1981 at>

> Hi all,
> I had scheduled a script using cron and got pid of
> it when it is
> running as it is running for a long time.The script
> is  somewhat like
> cmd
> sleep 10
> cmd2
> sleep  20
> ..
> This is scheduled using cron now i want to send
> SIGTSTP signal to it
> to suspend it
> and SIGCONT to resume it but these signals are not
> working please help urgently.
> kill -SIGTSTP pid
> Thanks
> -- 
> Saurabh Agarwal
> 9868358071

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