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>>In comp.lang.perl.misc Alan Balmer <albalmer at att.net> wrote:
>>> I'm not a fan of Mr Hatch, but blaming him for the shuttle disaster(s)
>>> is somewhat over the top. Why not blame President Bush? That's the
>>> popular thing nowadays.
>>IIRC, the vice-president is in charge of the space program, so shouldn't
>>President Bush accept some blame?
> The Vice President isn't "in charge" of the space program, except for
> Al Gore, who probably invented it.

Don't you dittoheads ever get your facts right?




> The shuttles were designed and built some considerable time before
> Bush became President.

True, although the first shuttle flight was in 1981, while Bush was vice-

As the above references show, Bush was not head of the space council
as Reagan was not a fan. Bush was busy selling anthrax and missiles
to Iran and Iraq.

> Good try, though, the DNC would be proud.

I doubt it.

Gary Schenk
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