Whose is smaller (was: Math errors in python)

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Mon Sep 27 03:08:05 CEST 2004

In article <adeel054s0qvd0qas7nk1v9i93vk3tdlv1 at 4ax.com>,
Richard Hanson  <me at privacy.net> wrote:
>[Connection working again...?]
>Alex Martelli wrote:
>> Richard Hanson <me at privacy.net> wrote:
>>    ...
>> > (Alex mentioned you have a Fujitsu LifeBook -- I do, too, and like it
>> > very much!)
>Ahem. As I said ;-) in my reply to your post mentioning Anna's P2000
>(in my MID: <lgebl0182hk6t0809ar3dh9925ptj5um5b at 4ax.com>), and in
>earlier postings re 2.4x installation difficulties, mine is a Fujitsu
>LifeBook P1120. (Sorry, Alex! I definitely *should* have mentioned the
>model again -- I'm just beginning to appreciate the difficulty of even
>*partially* keeping up with c.l.py. I'm learning, though. :-) )
>In any event, the Fujitsu LifeBook P1120 has a 8.9" wide-format
>screen, is 2.2lbs.-light with the smaller *very* long-lasting battery
>and 2.5lbs.-light with the very, *very* long-lasting battery, and has
>-- what tipped the scales, as it were, for my needs -- a touchscreen
>and stylus.
>I can feel your pain. I would switch to Apple in a second if they had
>such light models (and if I had the bucks ;-) ). I need a very light
>machine for reasons specified earlier. (Okay, slightly reluctantly:
>Explicit may be better even with *this* particular info -- I have
>arthritis [ankylosing spondylitis] and need very light laptops to read
>and write with. :-) )
>> OBCLPY: Python runs just as wonderfully on her tiny P-Series as on my
>> iBook, even though only Apple uses it within the OS itself;-)
>ObC.l.pyFollow-up: Python also runs very well on my tinier ;-) P1120
>with the Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor running at 800MHz and with
>256MB RAM and a 256KB L2 on-chip cache -- even using Win2k. :-) It's
>really nice not needing a fan on a laptop, as well -- even when
>calculating Decimal's sqrt() to thousands of decimal places. ;-)
Is Linux practical on these boxes?  How do touch-typists like them

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